not a code geek

I'm a creator since I was a child. I remember following my father around the house, fixing broken things... I think he taught me how to solve problems from early on.

That helped me finding my passion almost two decades ago. It's solving problems through technology.

I taught myself how to program and from my early twenties, I worked with startups of all types in Europe and the US, using every major language, platform and operating system.

I have a formal education and a few fancy degrees from university too, but that's not really what matters to me.

Recently, I've started to expand my interests beyond tech and discovered a field that blows me away: It's marketing. It's fascinating how great salespeople use psychology to make us buy their stuff. And it's shocking how evil people use the same power against us.

Anyway, I still love putting in late hours of writing code and my new passion just complements that. I am now able to sell whatever I build. Isn't that amazing?

As of this writing, I am working almost full-time on ClosersCopy. It's an app that gives business owners the SUPERPOWERS to write persuasive copy. You know... words that SELL. If you are a marketer, go check it out.

I am always looking for like-minded people who have a vision and want to team up to build something great.

If you are excited about what you are doing and love to try new things to find competitive advantages... If you have an idea and the willpower to push through. Let me know. Maybe we can build something great together.


PS: Not looking for a job. But thank you. ❤️

Nico Engler
Am Schlagbaum 18
37520 Osterode, Germany